About The Collective

The Norfolk School Garden Collective (NSGC)

Who We Are

The mission of the Norfolk School Garden Collective is to build, maintain, and support outdoor learning classrooms and productive food gardens at every school in Norfolk, Virginia. We envision the garden as an interactive classroom that fosters an environment for engaged and project based learning spanning across all academic subjects. Integrating a garden into course curriculum will support content and SOL standards, enhance student interest, and transform the health and food values of the children and families in Norfolk.

What We Do

We support the creation, growth, maintenance, and enrichment of the outdoor classrooms and gardens at every public school in Norfolk by transforming empty lots and blacktops. Through fundraising, managing donations, volunteer training, and community outreach, we provide the resources necessary to keep every garden well maintained and growing all year round. Our goal is to empower Norfolk Public Schools, its students, and our communities with the knowledge and ability to sustainably grow our own food, foster diverse learning environments, and increase access to healthy and fresh food.

Our model also hopes to expand beyond the classroom and into the community to help enact a system of food justice that seeks to positively impact the entire community through mentorship, job training, and partnerships to create sustainable change.